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Intrepid Mole, digging upthe storiesbehindthe news Slice of life Australian millionaire Tim Gurner was unknown to many in the UK, including Mole, u

Intrepid Mole,
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Slice of life

Australian millionaire Tim Gurner was unknown to many in the UK, including Mole, until last month. Then he made the memorable comment that more millennials would be able to afford to buy a house if they simply stopped buying avocado on toast.

Gurner’s words made headlines around the world and now the inevitable has happened – someone has worked out precisely how many avocados on toast one would have to forgo in order to afford a deposit.

For a 90 per cent LTV loan on an average London house, would-be buyers would have to give up 10,904 of the dishes. For househunters in the North-east, meanwhile, 2,750 would be the magic number.

Mole admires the diligent folk over at MyVoucherCodes, whose strenuous research resulted in the hard-hitting and undeniably useful statistics.

No passing the buck

With all the bad press that can sometimes surround mortgage lenders, Mole was heartened to hear another example of the good deeds these firms can do.

Last week Buckinghamshire Building Society handed over £7,500 to Rennie Grove Hospice Care following a vote by the society’s members.

The cash will help fund nurses to give care to terminally ill patients in their own home.

Lenders don’t get much kinder than that.

Colour fast

Word reaches Mole’s ear that the folk over at Hinckley & Rugby Building Society are sponsoring a rather unusual event – a run through Hinckley town centre during which participants will have paint powder thrown over them in the name of charity.

The Colourfun Mile event, taking place on 7 June, will help raise money for the Loros hospice in the region.

Mole understands the paint is easy to wash off, although all participants will receive a free T-shirt regardless.

Glitter and glowsticks will also feature during the Colourfun Mile, Mole hears – in case anyone was getting worried about the event being too drab.

Best of luck to all the participants, who are bound to make a splash.

Separated at birth

Paul Goodman of Alternative Bridging and the chef Michel Roux Junior.

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