Benefits of Choosing an Independent Mortgage Adviser in Manchester

Looking for the right mortgage? When choosing a mortgage, people often worry about finding the right product for their needs, the complexities of t

Looking for the right mortgage?

When choosing a mortgage, people often worry about finding the right product for their needs, the complexities of the process and encountering problems later on.

mortgage & investment advice centre ManchesterTo help you make the best decision, we understand how an independent mortgage adviser in Manchester will act as an intermediary between lenders and borrowers. They’ll offer impartial, honest advice while shopping around for the best products for your circumstances and needs.

With an abundance of options which are a life-long investment for many, why risk choosing the wrong product for you?

We find trusted, independent mortgage brokers in the Manchester area.

What Trusted Mortgage Brokers Will Do for You

  • Source local, independent mortgage advisors in Manchester
  • We’ll pick the best ones in your area
  • Get the support & advice you need from a trusted expert
  • They’ll take a look at your individual circumstances & recommend the right products to get you the best deal
  • Increase your chances of getting your application accepted

5 Benefits of Picking a Manchester Independent Mortgage Adviser

1. Choose the Right Mortgage Product

Trawling through the various products from each mortgage lender isn’t just time consuming. It’s a minefield of jargon, product types and lender criteria. For those who don’t seek help from an independent mortgage broker in Manchester, it can be tempting to select the first product which comes your way in the excitement of qualifying for a mortgage. Unfortunately, this can result in choosing a product which isn’t the best suited to your circumstances. Independent mortgage advisers will present you with choices according to both financial and life needs. They understand every type of mortgage product in the market (even the slightly obscure ones), as well as the differences between each lender’s products and their special features, explaining options to you in layman’s terms.

2. Support for Special Circumstances

independent financial advisers Manchester mortgagesFor those who are on a low income or have bad credit, it can be a challenge to find a lender prepared to offer you a remortgage or mortgage. Independent mortgage advisors can dramatically increase your chances of securing a product while saving you time and energy trying to look for a suitable products for your circumstances. This includes for those whose income isn’t always stable such as those requiring a self-employed mortgage. They’ll understand exactly what each lender requires to prove your income and factors which will increase the chances of success.

3. Honest, Balanced Mortgage Advice

When engaging with a mortgage lender, they’re obligated to offer advice alongside any product recommended to you. While this information must be correct, the aim of the lender is to encourage you to choose their product. Therefore, they’ll often provide advice which pushes the benefits of the mortgage. A Manchester independent mortgage advisor’s priority is to provide unbiased advice about the most suitable product for you, getting you the best deal for your needs and reducing the chances of being mis-sold a mortgage. They’ll also consider the future consequences of each product type including rises in interest rates, fees, home values or how your personal expenses may affect your ability to repay. Making an informed decision can help you to overcome cash flow issues further down the line.

4. Remortgage Support

Another benefit of picking an independent mortgage advisor is the fact they can offer specialist advice if you need to remortgage. This may be because your home has gone up in value and you want to release some equity, or you think you can save money with a better deal than when you first applied. Remortgage advisers in Manchester will be able to help you find out if a lender is offering a competitive advance and advise whether a remortgage is a viable option for your new circumstances.

5. Fast & Easy Applications

Using the expertise of an independent mortgage advisor will make applying for a mortgage a lot simpler. They’ll be able to pre-qualify you before putting together your official application, so you’ll only have to decide between products which you’re likely to be accepted for. They’ll be able to quickly tell you which documents are required, helping you to fill in the application for a smoother process all round. Being a mortgage broker in Manchester, they’ll also have sound, relevant knowledge of the local property market and have established great connections with lenders in the area. This increases your chances of success, and they may even have access to special rates not available to the public.

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