Seeking mortgage lead partners

We are currently seeking a UK mortgage lead partner(s) where we place a lead capture form on the right hand side of all of our pages.

The site has only just be launched (6th June 2017) with over 3,000 location pages to be added, however it has already started to rank in google (the site and our youtube strategy)  early data can be found at: – please bear in mind how young the site is and these early results, for the right partner this has incredible potential.

Our plans:

We are going to get high quality mortgage traffic to the site using multiple marketing strategies ie:

  • SEO – focused around mortgage broker / mortgage adviser + location keywords
  • PPC remarketing – any users from any route into the site will go on a 540 remarketing campaign to be shown on potentially millions of sites to remind them about us, and to come back and take action
  • PPC display – we will be marketing on other UK mortgage related websites
  • Youtube – we will be SEO’ing youtube videos so the videos appear within youtube searches as well as putting the videos into googles “normal” search
  • News strategy – we have the latest news on our news page at which is also being SEO’d so users will find the new pages in google, and every news post gets set to a range of social media accounts, for example facebook where users can see our news and come to the site to join the remarketing funnel
  • Facebook – we will be using facebook remarketing as well as direct adverts to targetted subset of users, eg those interest in mortgages in X location with a location based target advert taking them to the location page
  • Mortgage guides – we are releasing a range of mortgage guides that will also be SEO’d and marketed on facebook.
  • We will be adding more and more locations all the time
  • Additional advanced SEO, PPC and social strategies.
  • The marketing is using the main companies marketing services, ie (providing online marketing systems since the late 90s with ambition expansion plans).

We we are looking for:

That we use a form on our site that passes the lead via email into your system so we can also see leads, this is critical for us to collect conversion / funnel data in order to optimise strategy for maximum leads and maximum quality of leads.

Leads can be taken nationwide either in large amounts or an agreed monthly max in order to allow us to grow and if needed have multiple providers to be able to place all leads.

Ideally we are looking to partner with just one provider at this time who will get leads from all pages however we are willing to work with multiple partner if this fits the model / requirements best for everyone.

If are are also able to place related leads such as insurance, protection please do let us know as this is going to be in phase two of our expansion.

For more information please email or call 0800 99 89 530 – thanks 🙂